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"I believe in a balanced holistic approach to health
and well being. Chinese medicine offers a time honored
proactive approach to sustainable health."
~Eti Domb L.Ac.

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Diagnosis and Musings on Health

Diagnosis is an art. Gathering information, evaluating and assesing a patient is a culmination of expertise, knowledge and systematic understanding of the human body.

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Treating Pediatric Bedwetting with Chinese Medicine

Bedwetting is treated successfuly with Chinese Medicine. This is great news for families whose sleep is routinely disrupted by nightime accidents.

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Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections

Urinary Tract Infections (Cystitis) are commonplace in women and men. The symptoms are pressure, pain, burning, urgent, frequent urination with concentrated urine output.

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Put an end to Period Pain

The monthly cycle can be easy and symptom free, but for many it is a painful and difficult time. Women often are debilitated from a young age with crippling migraines, body aches, back pain and severe cramps.

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