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"I believe in a balanced holistic approach to health
and well being. Chinese medicine offers a time honored
proactive approach to sustainable health."
~Eti Domb L.Ac.

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Herbal Medicine During Pandemics: First line of defense

The Chinese Herbs we use to treat the symptoms of Covid-19 are the same herbs we herbalists use all year long to treat colds, flu, Upper Respiratory infections, allergies, and skin conditions. Early intervention is crucial. You can start treatment without diagnosis, they work quickly and you can take herbs for prevention too!

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COVID19 Safety:  NEW- Telemedicine-Remote Visits now available

I will now be offering remote visits and herbal consultations, and contactless herbal dispensing for your convenience.

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Elderberry syrup recipe

Make your own elderberry syrup at home- a wonderful protective against cold and flu. Will shorten the length of respiratory infections by half. A wonderful thing to have on hand.

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Treat the flu/colds effectively and quickly with potent herbal medicine

Take good care of yourself and your family this season. Use herbal medicine to prevent getting sick and treat colds/flus effectively and quickly. Keep herbs on hand at home to use at first sign of onset. Potent herbal medicine works effectively and quickly.

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