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General Information for new patients:

The Clinic is open, and you have several choices for getting the vital care you need.  

In-Person Appointments

Traditional in-person appointments remain available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Telemedicine Consultation
I am now effectively treating people across the United States. Herbal Medicine may be picked up locally at a no-contact location at clinic, or I am happy to ship your herbs to you.  

Curbside Acupuncture
For those who want an in-person experience but cannot come inside the clinic, I offer a highly effective ear treatment in the comfort of your own car. After I place the needles, you will relax in your vehicle for 45 min. followed by needle removal and a brief assessment.  

Ear Acupuncture is incredibly effective for treating stress, reducing pain and improving sleep.  The ear contains points that treat every part of the body, inside and out.  

I have began offering ear acupuncture treatments as an option for those who would like to receive treatment and cannot come into the clinic as this time.   I can treat almost anything using the ear!  Curbside Acupunctute is effective and easy.  Call or text me to schedule your time.  

What should you expect when you come to the clinic?

I care deeply about my patients and have safety protocols to keep my family and yours safe, including; temperature checks, mandatory masks the whole time you are in office, surfaces sanitized between each patient, doors and windows open for ventilation, fans and air purifiers to clean the air.

We have spaced out patient appointments and ask clients to adhere to no indoor waiting between appointments. There is a lovely outdoor bench next to a small pond for you to enjoy while you wait, or you may wait in your car.  

Price schedule:

Initial Acupuncture treatment: $145 (include herbs)

Follow up visits (Established patients, seen within last year): $85 (herbs not included)

Initial Tele-medicine 30-minute consult for NEW PATIENTS is $85 + cost of herbs & shipping.

Established patients 15 min Tele-Medicine visit is $65.  If you need a refill or preventive herbs pickup at clinic is available, or I can ship to you.  Text, email or call to determine what you need.  

Herbal prescriptions range from $30-$70 + tax per bottle. I am available to you on a daily basis for follow-up.

I carry a wide range of supplements at the clinic for your convenience.  Our herbal products are batch tested for contaminants and are of the best in the field.  I pride myself on sourcing my medicines from the best, sustainable and organic producers possible.

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Eti Domb is a licensed Chinese Medicine physician and can treat a wide range of health conditions using Acupuncture and Herbal remedies.

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COVID 19 update:

The clinic is open and we are following CDC guidelines for safe practice. The space has ample ventilation and air purification in each room. Your safety is the highest priority.

Offerings include In-person treatments, telemedicine visits with contact-free herbal dispensing and curbside Acupuncture treatments.  

New patients and referrals are welcome!

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