General Information for new patients:

The average consultation involves a 15 to 30 minutes intake and diagnosis followed by at least 30 minutes of acupuncture treatment.

During the time that you are relaxing with the needles, your herbal prescription will be written and filled.

Before your visit, please also download the documents at the bottom and fill these out as appropriate. Please bring them with you on your first appointment.

Price schedule:

Initial consultation:  $165

Followup visits: $85

Herbal Medicine and Supplements are individually priced.   Generally a two week supply of herbs costs between $30-$50.

I carry a wide range of supplements at the clinic for your convenience, sourced from reputable companies of the highest quality.  Our herbal products are batch tested for contaminants and are of the best in the field.  I pride myself on sourcing my medicines from the best, sustainable and organic producers possible.

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Eti Domb is a licensed Chinese Medicine physician and can treat a wide range of health conditions using Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and lifestyle modifications. To schedule an appointment, call 619-772-5001 or click here to send an email.

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