COVID19 Safety:  NEW- Telemedicine-Remote Visits now available


In light of the COVID-19 (the coronavirus) that has been spreading through the state and worldwide, I am taking  precautions per the CDC recommendations.  I want everyone to feel safe in the clinic.  I will sterilize surfaces and remove excess pillows, equipment will get sterilized and sheets changed frequently.  

The clinic will remain open, however I am asking my patients (and clinic practitioners) to avoid coming in if they are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, sneezing and fever.  

I will offer remote visits and herbal medicine pickup services.  I can also ship herbs to you.  

If you have a scheduled appointment and are experiencing respiratory symptoms, please let me know and I will see you remotely and prescribe herbs.  A remote consult is a very effective way to treat!    


Chinese herbal medicine has been used to treat epidemics for millennia in China.  The Chinese are combining Western and Chinese Medicine to treat the Coronavirus outbreak successfully.  

I have herbs that you can start taking to prevent and treat the COVID-19, and also to treat the pneumonia that can happen with it.  Please contact me to purchase some.  I can ship it to you easily.  

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Eti Domb is a licensed Chinese Medicine physician and can treat a wide range of health conditions using Acupuncture and Herbal remedies.

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COVID 19 update:

The clinic is open and we are following CDC guidelines for safe practice. The space has ample ventilation and air purification in each room. Your safety is the highest priority.

Offerings include In-person treatments, telemedicine visits with contact-free herbal dispensing and curbside Acupuncture treatments.  

New patients and referrals are welcome!

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