Pediatrics and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is great for kids of all ages. Children respond very well to treatment.

 Kids under 11-12 are treated with a set of tools called Shoni-Shin.  These tools are small, gentle scrapers, brushes and rollers meant to stimulate the acupuncture points. Small stickers with tiny gold or silver dots placed on specific points complete the treatment. 

 Can Children take herbs? 

 Absolutely!  Children take herbs easily and respond well. 

 I treat coughs, colds, tummy issues and sleep problems.  There are formulas to boost their immune system when going to daycare or school, help them with teething and irritability. Herbs can be used as a preventative during flu season, or kept on hand for acute onset of stomach flu or cold.

 I am happy to help get your medicine cabinet ready. 

 Sincerely, Eti 

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