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What Patients Say

I went to see Eti because I wanted to lower my blood pressure and to stop taking medications. Not only my blood pressure is now great and I don't need pills to control it but I have never felt so great. Also, over the last two years Eti helped me to overcome and manage my celiac disease and a number of minor ailments in a way no western medicine practitioner has. I am blessed and grateful to have met Eti. She is one of the most caring people I know and a very talented healer. Thank you!!!


On many occasions she has been far more effective than western doctors for correcting problems ranging from digestive problems to skin problems to emotinal trauma. I was bitten by a spider once and after 11 days, the infection had been stopped but the hospital treatment had done nothing to heal the large necrotic wound that i had. She cleaned and treated me with powders, tinctures, Moxa, herbs, and needles, and 8 hours later i changed the dressings and it was about 50% healed. After 24 hours it was healed about 80%+! She saved me from a nasty scar. The advice and explanations and she gives have been spot on and really help me to understand myself and the system of chinese medicine. Long story short, she is my go-to for everything. She was not my first acupuncturist, but she made me believe in it. I rave about her. She is a master of her craft.

Reuben L.

Eti Domb has been a life saver for my health and well being. She has taught me a way of approaching and understanding my health with a more sustainable outlook. I constantly recommend her to anyone at the end of the rope wanting real action and results. I am grateful for her skills and wisdom.

K. G. - Psychotherapist

I have known Eti for over 10 years. Through this time I have relied on her expertise with Acupuncture and Herbs for many reasons; sciatica, debilitating pain, colds and flu's, kidney health, and overall balancing of chi and strengthening immune function. I trust her knowledge and appreciate her loving manner when helping me through difficult and painful times. I am very grateful to have her as a part of my "wellness team"!


Eti is treating me following a stroke which affected my speech, cognition and motor control. I was surprised and encouraged by the significant improvement in my speech and concentration with her acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas. Adapting to the physical changes following my stroke is a dynamic process which Eti carefully balances. I am grateful to be under her experienced care.


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